Monday, April 19, 2010

Sping Cleaning

Since the warm weather seems to be here to stay (finally), I figured I'd hop on board with this whole spring cleaning myth I keep hearing so much about. I admit it, I am NOT an established house keeper. I collect clutter, but in my defense my clutter tends to turn into the fun projects that I share here with all of you. What would my life be without my random piles of collected crap, right?! Well, honestly, I would like to have a neat house. I love looking at the photos of well decorated, impeccably clean homes filled with put together moms and stylish kids. But more often than not, my carpet has Cheerios crushed into it, our dining room table is perpetually sticky or covered in paint, there is no noticeable surface to my desk and I couldn't tell you the last time our bed was made more than two mornings in a row. BUT I am trying to live more like the mother of four and less like a frat boy. So today, I thought I would share the project that has been the thorn in my side for months. I'm not proud and under normal circumstances would not share this sight with any human being that had not previously seen me in, say, my underwear, but we're all friends here, right? So here it is, my closet.

Somewhere beneath the pile is a floor. I know it's there because we probably would not have moved in if the closet hadn't come with a floor, but I couldn't tell you the last time we actually saw the floor. But I did it! I tackled the closet and it may have taken me days (DAYS I tell you), but I found the floor. Not only did I find the floor, I got rid of massive amounts of outgrown baby clothes and cloth diapers, found articles of clothing that I forgot I had and created room to actually move about freely in there. There is ample space in there now for my clothes, my husband's clothes AND the baby's clothes.

I'm going to master this grown-up thing if it kills me!! (But hopefully it won't)

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