Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our School Day

So, just because I haven't, I thought I'd share our daily school schedule. I decided a while back that I needed to have a good weekly schedule, so that when I didn't do things, I would at least know what we needed to make up. I'm really not very good with schedules. I start out really well, but eventually, I just was to adlib some things. It took me a while (this is our fourth year homeschooling) to get comfortable with not sticking exactly to a schedule or feeling like the kids are going to be behind. I've let go of that. The kids are well ahead of the standards (even with my free form schooling style). Anyway, this is what our schedule looks like:

9am: School starts with reading of house rules (we've kept this tradition since we started homeschooling. Our house rules reflect our expectations in our home and outside in the world)
9 - 9:45: math
9:50 - 10:20: spelling
10:25 - 11: reading
11 - 11:30: language
11:30 - 12:15: history (M,W,F) or science (T,Th)
12:15 - 1: lunch/free time/clean up
1 - 1:30: geography (M,W,F) or art (T, Th)

We try to incorporate lots of field trips, library trips and outside time (weather permitting). Some of the field trips we've had this year include:
Plays (Wizard of Oz and Fiddler on the Roof)
Pink Palace Museum in Memphis
University of Memphis Art Museum
University of Mississippi Museum
Civil Rights Museum
Fiddling Rooster farm
blueberry picking
various gallery openings
Strawberry Plains

I really like to be out and about doing things, so field trips are super important to maintaining all of our sanity.

Um, let's see. What else? Oh, okay, what we're reading right now.... My girls are hooked, HOOKED I tell you, on audio books. So we are listening to the Golden Compass right now. Actually we have the entire Dark Materials trilogy. They love it. I think this series may have knocked The Sister's Grimm out of the water (for Jena, anyway). We're just finishing up the Golden Compass. On their own, Jena is reading one of NUMEROUS Nancy Drew Mysteries and Ashni is reading Lilly Quench and the Black Mountains.

I will attempt to do a weekly school post here. It will probably help to keep me on track.


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  2. Adrienne,

    Thanks for sharing your schedule. It is always nice to see how other mommies run their schools. I like the fact that you even have house rules and it is a good idea to review them.

    I completely understand about the "free-form" schooling. I have grown to enjoy that a little too much. My years of doing so are over and I'm trying to adhere to a REAL schedule. We had a great school day yesterday and today I've been cleaning and hanging out and we will probably do some math, language and reading before they go to bed tonight.