Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's My Kid Wearing Today

We are gearing up for a few days of very hectic travel this week.  We are driving up to Columbus, OH on Wednesday for Nationals.  Ashni fences on the 4th.  Then we have to turn around and shoot back to Jackson, MS on the 5th so that Jena can fly to Paris on the 6th. So the last few (and the next couple of) days have been filled with errand running.  Today we got a little down time to hang out with Jena and Ashni's girl scout troop.  We went to one of those paint your own pottery place.  I have never had the desire to go to one of those places, but the kids had fun.

This is what Zion wore (outside of the pottery place).  She decided that she needs to start carrying a bag.  It currently contains chapstick, a bottle of water, a journal and a pencil.  She wrote in that journal all day.

Shoes - previously featured
leggings - Circo ($.99 at Goodwill)
denim shirt dress - Wrangler ($.99 at Goodwill)
bag and headband - handmade by a friend (free)

Total Outfit (without shoes) - approx. $2

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ahhhh, summer.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer!  Yay!  So, I figured I'd share some things that we've done over the past couple of weeks (as well as some cute outfits).

We took a group field trip to a small local farm and look at the sweet little farm girl that I found there!  The girls had a great time.  They picked and ate blueberries, fed sheep and horses, milked goats and fed the babies.  Zion gathered eggs and diligently (and carefully) carried them in the little basket for the rest of the trip.  She was excited to bring these eggs home and have them for dinner.

Summer has provided us with much more time to spend with our friends.  There's nothing better than sweet friends, sprinklers, Popsicles and backyard picnics!

Then there's this.  This girl is the sweetest little human being.  And this frilly, sheer floral top (Guess - $.99 at Goodwill) is one that she LOVES!  Look at that face...

Ashni is discovering her love of accessories.  This fedora gets worn a lot.  She looks so grown up when she accessorizes.

My girls are plagued (ha) with long legs and super thin waists and my husband is plagued with his disdain for them showing too much skin.  This makes buying shorts difficult.  Bijou, on the other hand, is just the right size for her shorts to fit in the waist, but not be too short.  Yay!

pink shoes - Keds ($2.99 at Goodwill)
shorts - not sure of the brand ($1.49 at Goodwill)
tank top - Land's End (free, hand me down)

Total outfit - approx $4.50

Our annual Father's Day spread.  Every year on Father's Day, I make my husband a spinach, portobello and Gruyere quiche.  It only happens once a year and it is a huge hit every time.  This year, we also had roasted potatoes, cherries with fresh whipped cream (thanks Jena) and the girls squeezed two dozen oranges for juice

School, of course, continues over the summer.  Bijou has been working on adding two digit numbers with carrying and Zion is still working on her letter sounds.  She really wants to learn to read.

It's always fun to find pictures like this on my phone.  This is what happens when kids sneak and use your phone while you are getting dressed.  (Notice the stockpile of Girl Scout cookies in the background.)

The playground is a good (free) way to kill time between afternoon activities.  We spent a little time there this afternoon.  I love this lucha libre shirt (Boo Homes - $1.49 at Goodwill) that Bijou is wearing.  LOVE IT!

Zion at the monkey bars

desert boots - Crew Cuts ($2.99 at Goodwill)
trousers - Old Navy ($.99 at Goodwill)
popsicle tank - Gap ($.99 at Goodwill)

Total outfit - approx $5

This is what big sisters are for - to wear little sisters like hats! 

pink sneakers - Vans (previously featured)
shorts - Judith March ($2.49 at Goodwill)
t-shirt - Cherokee (free hand me down)

Total outfit (without shoes) - approx $2.50

We leave in two weeks to take Ashni to fence in the Summer National Championship in Ohio.  Jena leaves for France two days after.  We will go to St. Louis at the end of July to pick up my mother for a visit.  There will be field trips and play days and workshops to fill up all the rest of our long summer days. I'm looking forward to having a great and productive summer!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today, we had a yard sale to raise a little extra money for the girls from Jena's ballet class to take to France. Several families brought things and Jena made fresh squeezed lemonade to sell.  I think they did pretty well for themselves (I haven't heard the final count yet).  It took a lot of willpower, but I did NOT buy a ton of things from the yard sale (be proud of me), but I did score an AWESOME dollhouse complete with furniture (porcelain toilet and sink, too) and a family.  I was not thrilled with the color (it was bright purple with turquoise shutters and yellow and blue trim), so I brought it home and painted it a pale yellow (because that's what we had in the garage).  Now, I think it looks like a sweet little island cottage and Zion is thrilled!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's My Kid Wearing (in 95 degrees)

It hot.  There's really nothing more that I can say about it.  We went from early spring weather to mid summer weather over night.  Today, we did a lot of running around and carting kids from place to place (library volunteer hours, ballet supplement classes, writing workshop, fencing, garden work).  Apparently summer will NOT be the time that I get to slow down (or stay cool)... Here's what Zion wore today.  All of these pieces have been featured before except the shoes.  We just got those at Goodwill yesterday.

Desert Boot - Crew Cuts ($2.99 at Goodwill)

This outfit was super cute with her pink checkered hat, but it was WAY too hot to wear a hat today.  I think it may be shoved under the car seat somewhere...

Monday, June 3, 2013

What's My Kid Wearing Today

We took the kids to breakfast (well, brunch really) yesterday.  It is becoming a Sunday routine because it seems that we are too lazy to get up on Sunday mornings and cook.  Eh... Anyway, I thought the girls looked pretty cute yesterday.  I showed Ashni how to put her hair up so that she could wear the fedora that she has.  She was pretty excited to finally get wear it.


pink shoes - Vans ($3 at Salvation Army)
jeans - Gap ($1.49 at Goodwill)
blue and white striped t-shirt - Ralph Lauren, I think (free from a hand me down bag)
blue button up shirt - Gap ($1.49 from Goodwill)
fedora - Not sure of the brand ($.59 at Goodwill)

Total Outfit - approx. $7


sandals - Elephantito ($2 at Salvation Army)
shorts - Cherokee ($.99 at Goodwill)
orange t-shirt - Roxy ($1 at Salvation Army)

Total Outfit - approx. $4