Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today, we had a yard sale to raise a little extra money for the girls from Jena's ballet class to take to France. Several families brought things and Jena made fresh squeezed lemonade to sell.  I think they did pretty well for themselves (I haven't heard the final count yet).  It took a lot of willpower, but I did NOT buy a ton of things from the yard sale (be proud of me), but I did score an AWESOME dollhouse complete with furniture (porcelain toilet and sink, too) and a family.  I was not thrilled with the color (it was bright purple with turquoise shutters and yellow and blue trim), so I brought it home and painted it a pale yellow (because that's what we had in the garage).  Now, I think it looks like a sweet little island cottage and Zion is thrilled!


  1. SCORE!!! there's no way that wouldn't have gotten taken home by me, either. and good for you for painting it right away!

  2. When she took it out of her car, I was like, "Um, that's mine!" Zion LOVES it. Keeps her busy for hours.