Saturday, April 10, 2010

Really? Another awesome find?

Yeah, another awesome thrift store find! It has been a good week. We found these canisters at the Goodwill today. They were $7.99 for the set and the lids are STEEL!! Yay me!!!


  1. AHHH! Adorable!
    (I found you on UBP)
    I have never thrifted well. Is thrifted a word? Anyway, I just don't have the imagination for it I guess.

  2. I've decided that thrifted, thrifting and thrifter are all words! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Adrienne,

    If I had these, then I would have donated them to Goodwill. If I were at Goodwill, then I would have bought them because they are cool. I'm still holding on to a few things now because I know I will probably go looking for something, as unique as they are, in the near future. Goodwill/Salvation Army would love me because I donate and then they would get to sell it back to me.

    I use to buy puzzles for the children, but haven't been able to find any at our nearby Goodwill. My next hunt will be looking for china for my daughter to play with.

  4. Those are cute!! Very cute...Thanks for viviting me from UBP I am visiting you back =)

  5. Ha, my mom is a donater and repurchacer (like my made up words?) I love finding unique stuff for cheap and these just make me thing of old candy stores - like they should be filled with multicolored gumballs!
    Thanks for the visit, Adrienne.