Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mythical Monsters

We are still working on ancient Greece for history and today we had one of those moments where classical homeschooling and unschooling collide. We're working on history chronologically (which I really enjoy about the classical method). As we were reading Mythical Monsters of Ancient Greece Ashni decided that it would be a great idea if they made up their own monsters. So, they pulled out the craft bin, old magazines, crayons and glue and set out to make their own monsters with these questions in mind:
1. What are your monster's powers?
2. Where does your monster live?
3. What does your monster eat?
4. What is your monster's name?

Here is what they came up with....WARNING: Very Scary Stuff!!!

Jena's Monster
Name: Masstrash
Masstrash lives in the forest and eats babies (yes, eats babies), but only the babies that are in the forest without their parents. Notice Masstrash's multiple three eyed baby heads. Apparently the feet are gates and the ladder is to climb up and to kill it. You have to stab it in the heart right between it's two hairy nipples.

A close up of the scary baby heads. Notice the three eyebrows.

Ashni's Monster
Name: Poisonous Monster
Poisonous Monster lives in the forest and eats insects. The little yellow dots are poison. It has three legs and three eyes. All of the random puffballs and feathers are its babies and if it loses a baby then two more grow. (I'm not sure what's up with the baby theme here). Ashni's monster in into accessories. It is wearing a blue butterfly barrette in its hair.

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