Friday, April 9, 2010

Nature Walk

I felt the need to get out of the house today and be beneath the trees and in the grass. So I took the kids out on a little hike. I really didn't have anything planned, but I packed a couple of notebooks, pens, the magnifying glass and of course the camera. We actually didn't use anything that we brought except for the camera. Immediately by budding geologist (Ashni) began collecting rocks and my future photographer started her photo documentation of our trip. I decided to let the girls lead us on a few trails and we were temporarily lost, but it turned out to be a great hike. I finally figured out how to tie Zion on my back, so she slept the entire way. Unfortunately, when you tie your baby on your back, you can't see how uncomfortable she looks until you come home, put the pictures of your day on the computer and scan through them. We'll get her on there better next time.

This is the trail that we walked that brought us back to the main trail.

The kids love this bridge. It's not the strongest bridge in the world, so we have to stay towards the center. Ashni is making sure she is exactly center.

Jena's pictures of moss on old railroad tracks. We also found a huge rusty railroad spike

They kids found this frog. They have great eyes because they had to point it out to me several times before I could see it. So that seemed like a good time to talk about camouflage.

They were fascinated with these plants that looked like little umbrellas. I don't know what they are, but they were everywhere.

Zion getting tied on. She doesn't look convinced.

JP (Jena Phoenix)

This is how I usually carry Zion. It can get tiring on that one shoulder though.

Okay, so looking at this picture I see where the fabric slipped so I can fix that next time and she will at least look a little more comfortable. She slept like a rock, so I guess she was okay.

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