Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double Decker

This past weekend was Double Decker weekend here in Oxford. Double Decker is an arts festival held every year in the square. There's local art, music, food, activities for the kids and all of the people watching you could ever want. This year the girls demonstrated some ballet steps with their ballet school. Kids in the audience could participate, so Bijou and Zion joined the party.

Ashni seems to have misplaced her ballet shoes, so she had to go commando.

I'm really proud of the progress the girls have made in ballet this year. They've both been placed in the next level ballet class for next year. The school that they attend typically requires two years of each class level, but each of the girls is being advanced after one year. I am particularly proud of Jena who is the youngest in her Ballet III class this year and had been placed in Ballet IV for next year (I think most of the girls in that class are 12 and Jena is 8!). Good job, ladies. I think I see Alvin Ailey in your future!

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  1. I was such an Alvin Ailey groupie in high school. Alvin Ailey's Revelations was such an inspiration to me (still is) and has pronouncedly affected my views of dance, music, and artistic expression. I had the opportunity to see the performance live and it was amazing! It was my dream to dance with them. They are amazing.

    Tell the girls I will be front row, center when they dance with the company! :-)