Monday, April 12, 2010

Rebel Youth

Tonight was my night to lead the project in our local craft circle at the library. So, I chose to do freezer paper stencils. There were only one or two people in the circle who'd done freezer paper stencils before, but everyone was really pleased with their finished products. I wanted to do a little something for Zion mainly because little clothes are so flippin' cute and because I really haven't done any clothes for her yet. I think this onesie turned out really cute. I think I will make one for each of the girls.

My little rebel youth in her robot sneakers.

Rebel....without a cause!


  1. I will have to talk you into showing me how to do this! I have seen pictures posted on the internet and it looks like lots of fun. I hadn't seen any that came out that detailed...That is a great shirt. :)

  2. look at that sweet baby. and to think nancy doubted the stencil process...

  3. OMG, that is the cutest! Cutest sweet-cheeked baby, cutest stencil, cutest robot sneakers! I love freezer paper stenciling, it's so much fun :)