Thursday, April 8, 2010

Abacus Lessons

Okay, so I love thrift store and antique shop hopping. It's a love that I inherited from my mother. On a recent trip, my mom (who loves boxes and containers) found two very nice little boxes that, we discovered, housed a compass in one and an abacus in the other. And because I am always thinking about school, I enlisted my mother to teach the girls how to use an abacus. Really, I sucked her in to doing it because I never learned how to use an abacus, but it seems like an awesome skill to have. So, the girls had their first abacus lesson today. They picked it up pretty easily and I'm sure they'll be pros in no time.

I guess today was guest teacher day in our little school house. Daddy did a lesson on Islam. I'm really glad that he volunteered to teach the girls a little bit about the faith and how he was raised. I think it's important for the girls to know about a variety of different faiths and to see how they are similar to one another and how there are principals in each that can enrich their lives. I think it is especially important to understand the faiths that helped shape their parents. Hopefully we can keep up the family teaching. I would love for Daddy to incorporate some yoga and yoga principals into the weekly routine and Granny to help out with handwriting (she has the best handwriting) and family history. School is so much nicer when everyone has a hand in it.

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