Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary.... me. Yesterday was my fourth wedding anniversary. Hooray for us! It has been an interesting four years full of transition and change. It has been fun and stressful and joyous and trying and fulfilling and I'm looking forward to a lifetime of more anniversaries. To celebrate, I made a fancy brunch for us all. We had spinach, portabella and Gruyere quiche with fresh berried and whipped cream (all made from scratch. Well, except for the berries because, well, I just don't have those skills). I even put the fancy tablecloth and place mats on the table.

Then the hubby and I got a much needed day without a single child! We drove to Memphis and really just hung out. The hubby really wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops (um, yeah okay). So we did that and got some stuff for him and the girls to go fishing. I equate Bass Pro Shops to Hobby Lobby for outdoor enthusiasts - aisles and aisles of tiny packages of brightly colored "stuff". He had a blast and fulfilled a childhood wish (yes, childhood...). Then we went to The Great American Homestore. This was my default destination. I really wanted to go to Dixon Gallery and Gardens but we left Oxford too late and they were closed by the time we made it to Memphis. We took a short trip to the mall. (I know this all sounds really lame, but we don't have any of this stuff in Oxford and before Oxford we lived on an island and didn't have any of this stuff there either. So yeah, it's lame, but we had fun).
Our actual anniversary celebration was dinner at a FABULOUS restaurant called Flight. The experience was amazing (after we finally found the place, anyway). The food was delicious and the staff was SO nice. I can only rave about this place and can't wait until we go back. The food...I will be thinking about that food for weeks! If you're in the Memphis area (or will be at some point), pop over to their website to check them out and stop in for a bite. You will not be sorry (and there's complimentary valet for their patrons).

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