Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bringing my work home

I spend a good portion of my day working with toddlers and guiding them through the fine art of practical life skills.  This includes dressing themselves, using the bathroom, washing their hands, cleaning up after themselves and various other tasks.  All of these things have a process that the kids follow.  I try to incorporate some of these same processes at home (sometimes).  This is especially true with my younger two girls.  All of the kids have chores and the older girls have been doing chores for years, so the novelty of work has worn off.  But the younger girls, especially Zion, are still intrigued by doing big work.  This week, one of Zion chores is to clean the dining room table.  This chore includes clearing things off the table and putting them away, sweeping up crumbs and scrubbing the table.  Zion really LOVES scrubbing the table and has mastered all of the steps.  The steps to scrubbing a table (because I'm sure you are wondering) are as follows - 1.) gather materials (a small sponge, a small scrub brush, a clean cloth, a small bar of soap, a bowl of warm water) 2.) wet the sponge in the bowl of water, squeeze out the excess and dampen a 1' x 1' area of the table. 3.) dip the scrub brush into the bowl of water and apply the soap. 4.) scrub the dampened area of the table in small circles making bubbles. 5.) use the dampened sponge to wipe up ALL of the bubbles. 6.) use the cloth to dry the table. 7.) repeat until the entire table is clean.  She is very proud of herself when she's done.  Now if only I could get the older girls to be as thorough.

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