Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ten Things that I've Learned About Raising Girls...

I don't really read a lot of things anymore about raising children.  Every now and then I will follow the links posted by Facebook friends to inspirational articles about touching things that the authors have learned about raising their respective children.  So, I figured I would write one of those loving and inspirational post about the things that I have learned about raising girls.
1.  Girls talk.  ALOT!  I am not a huge talker.  I don't want to have lengthy discussions about my feelings or troubles.  But my girls are different.  They want to have a lengthy discussion about EVERYTHING.  I have never talked more about clothes, food, books, movies, music, positions at the dinner table, seating in the car or ponytails and their holders in my entire life.
2.  Despite popular belief, girls smell.  My girls are not delicate flowers.  They are more like that giant putrid flower that grows in the rainforest.  They fart, they don't always flush and I have had to bribe a couple of them to take a bath.  Couple that with ballet shoes and fencing shoes (and socks and knickers for that matter) you have a foul combination on your hands.
3. Not all girls are Daddy's girls.  My girls LOVE daddy, don't get me wrong.  But if they have to choose between hanging out with Mom or hanging out with Dad, they are more than like going to choose Mom.  It's really more of an interest thing than a preference.  My girls and I like to do the same things (and I am more likely to get snacks, lol)
4. They will ruin clothes.  You know all of those ruffled, sparkly, pink, sequined clothes they make for little girls?  Yeah, I hate those.  Not only because I think that they are ugly, but because my girls ruin clothes.  They are either covered in paint splatters, impossible to get out sauces or so ground with dirt that there's no use in trying to get it clean.  This is another reason that I am VERY thrifty when it comes to buying clothes.
5. Someone is going to want to be a dancer, singer or model.   I have three out of four daughters in ballet and it is because they all asked.  I have never suggested it, they've all just asked to dance.  I think that there is just something inside of the little girl brain that says "Tutu?  Yes please!"  Even my little girls who live me, the antithesis of girl.  And as we speak, three of them are having a photo shoot, so....
6. They will trash their rooms.  And your living room and your dining room and your car.
7. They will eat you out of house and home.  I hear people talking about their sons and how much they eat and how lucky we are to have girls.  Um, yeah, my girls eat like teamsters!
8.  They will fight about anything.  And everything.  I have heard some of the most ridiculous fights in the last few days.  The most recent was about eggs and whether or not they came from the store or the chickens at school.  It ended in tears.
9. Panties will find their way into every part of your home.  Now I'm not sure how you leave your underwear on the back of the couch or behind the bookshelf, but there they are.  Fortunately, they are almost always clean underwear.
10. Despite it all, they will always want to take of you.  They will fix you breakfast in bed, want to pick your clothes, braid your hair (or Daddy''s hair in our case), make you dinner, read you a story or any other thing you may need or not even know that you need.  They may talk you to death and fart repeatedly in the process, but they will be there to help you out (whether you want them to or not).


  1. I love reading your blog. Keep it coming.

  2. we must be kindred spirits! this is all so true in my home full of 3 (tomboy) girls! no one believes me about the smells, the mess, how hard they are on clothes & the quantity of food they eat!!!
    the same with ur (frugal)fashion posts. i was taking pix of my youngests outfits bc they pic their own clothes & she comes up with the cutest, most quirky stuff! my girls are a good mix of tomboy, beach, surf, soccer, Vans, converse, horses, cars, tools, chickens, bikes, hiking, dirt, climbing, Legos,skateboarding...the list is long with a tad bit of fashion & glitter lipgloss sprinkled in for the younger two. i LOVE it! thanks for sharing this!

  3. Yep, our girls sound like birds of a feather, lol.