Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I had a really good year in 2012.  I was definitely busy (which is good most of the time, but my busy mostly consisted of driving).  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments.


Zion found her ability to color early this year.  We were (and still are) all very impressed with her skill.

I like tattoos (not sure if I ever mentioned that).  I got one this year for my girls.


My baby turned three (and she will be four before I know it).

The madness that is my house.

Gardening with the lady clan.  This has become a yearly tradition since we moved to Mississippi.

Jena's fancy solo dinner.  


Ashni's prize winning photo.

Ashni's Peter Pan birthday party for her 9th birthday.  Surprisingly, the glitter never made it into the house.


First (of many) fencing tournament.  Bronze medal winner!


Then there was this.  Occasionally we throw adult parties.  There's food on the grill, beer, friends and our kids...eating a kid sized lawn chair...with a pink guitar...


The bountiful harvest from the farm.

The husband and I finally got a honeymoon (after six years).  We spent the night in Bradley Beach, NJ where we had breakfast and then rode bikes around the beach and boardwalk... 

..then we headed to Brooklyn... balls in Chinatown... well as shoes, lol.


Jena turned 11.


At my sister in law's wedding in Virgina.  This was a long drive for a short trip, but it was great.  We got to stay in a hotel (which never happens when we travel)

The venue was a really nice vineyard in some tiny place in Virginia.

The bigger ladies at the reception.

And Bijou's debut as a flower girl.  It was the highlight of her short life.

The kids in DC.


Day of the Dead Halloween costumes.


The Thanksgiving spread.


Bijou's Purple Parisian birthday party for her sixth birthday.

And finally, Jena starred as Clara in this year's Nutcracker.  The performance this year was a little different.  There was acting AND dancing, which means that Jena had lines.  She did really, really well.  


  1. Great Post! You guys look like you had a wonderful year in 2012. Best wishes on an even better 2013! I am very lucky and blessed to be able to call you a friend. You and your family have touched our lives and we have really enjoyed spending time with you over the last few years. Blessings in the new year. Hugs and Love from the Zerangue Clan!

  2. Thanks Michelle. We love you guys too. Can't wait to hold the new baby Zerangue in 2013! Woot!