Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's My Kid Wearing Today

It was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday (we have been in an endless routine of clouds and rain which will continue for who knows how long), so I decided that the ladies and I needed to get out into the world. So, we headed out for frozen yogurt and a walk around the square (that's what you do when you live in small town).  I figured I's take the opportunity to take pictures of all of the girls together (and it's not even anyone's birthday).  Thanks to our sunny Friday afternoon, you all get a four-fer.  Here's what my kids were wearing (note: most of these are posted simply because I am entertained by the ridiculousness of my children):

Okay, Ashni's face?  Really?

 Anyway, here's the outfit breakdown starting with Bijou.
Brown cat sweater - Gymboree ($1.49 at Goodwill)
Jeans - Gap ($0.00 free from a friend)
Floral T-strap Mary Janes - Doc Marten ($2.99 at Goodwill)

Total Outfit - approx. $4.50

Grey Boots - U.S. Polo Assn (these were actually purchased new for Jena last year $24.99 at Shoe Dept)
Multicolored Argyle leggings - Circo maybe ($1.49 at Goodwill)
Skirt Overalls (?) - Tommy Hilfiger ($1.49 at Goodwill)
Denim Jacket - Gap ($3.99 at Goodwill)

Total Outfit - approx. $32 (pretty steep for me)


Blue canvas sneakers - Old Navy ($0.00 gift from her grandmother)
Supe skinny jeans - Arizona ($3.00 from Sears)
Yellow Harajuku t-shirt - ($2.00 from Goodwill in St, Louis.  It's an import!)


Silver shoes - Toms (previously featured)
Striped Leggings - not sure of the brand ($.99 from Goodwill)
Brown Skirt - Gymboree ($.99 from Goodwill)
Atari T-shirt - not sure of the brand ($.99 from Goodwill)
Corduroy Jacket - Old Navy (honestly, I'm not even sure where we got this from)

Total outfit - approx. $3.00 (without the shoes)

And finally, just wanted to show that my sweet little darling will indeed forcefully shove her sister out of the shot if she feels like her photo op is being invaded.

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