Friday, May 21, 2010

Raw Diet: A Premature End...

So, I've officially ended my raw food diet and no, it hasn't been thirty days. I am officially a quitter. BUT, in my defense, I a:) still had to cook three meals a day everyday for the other five people in the house who weren't going raw. I know that's probably a cop out, but it is what it is. b:) I am still nursing the baby which meant that I was either eating all day long or my energy was just zapped (which made me snappy at everyone else). c:) Well, I went to New Orleans on Monday and honestly, who can go to New Orleans just eat raw food. Really? I'd say I made it two and a half weeks, which isn't really bad considering that I haven't even attempted a raw diet since before I had children (about 10 years ago). I'll try again soon, I'm sure.


  1. Hey, you did waaaay better than I would have. Congrats! Food is good. Cooked food is better. ;)

  2. Adrienne,

    Can you at least say that you felt better during that raw period? Good job w/the two weeks you ate only raw. Maybe every once in a while, two weeks is all you need to clean your system a little.

  3. I did (and still do) feel much better! I really need to just do it monthly for maybe 7 days.