Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bijou Talks....and TALKS

All of my girls are very talkative (well, not the baby, but she couldn't get a word in if she wanted to....). I have to say that Ashni and Bijou are by far the most talkative in the house. They are the kids that I don't remember ever NOT talking. Ashni has always been full of deep. insightful, probing questions (as well as bad jokes and goofy perspectives on life). We've learned that Bijou, at three years old, will continue to talk even when she needs to inhale. This means that there are little snippets of her sentences that are inaudible because she is talking while breathing IN. Here is an excerpt of our conversation at 7 o'clock this morning:

I come out of my bedroom carrying the baby. Bijou is laying on the living room floor, fully dressed and wrapped in a blanket.

Bijou: Good morning mommy. I was a big girl while I was asleep!
Me: You were a big girl while you were asleep? Well that's good.
Bijou: You only have on one sock mommy. That's funny. You have on one sock, Daddy has on two socks, Me and Zion don't have on socks. I thought I had shoes on in my bed, Mommy, but I didn't. It was just my feet. I wore these clothes for pajamas. These are my pajamas. Can you make me some breakfast.
Me: Yes, sweetie, I'll make you some breakfast in a little bit.
Bijou: Can I have oatmeal? Or waffles? I can eat waffles because I have these teeth. (smiles really big and shows me her teeth) When I was little I didn't have these teeth (points to her molars) and when I get bigger my teeth will get wiggly. They're going to get wiggly, Mommy, and then I am going to pull it out. It's going to bleed when I pull it out. Ashni pulled her tooth out and then she used a towel and showed me her blood. And that wasn't nice. Nope, that was mean. Right, Mommy? That was mean.
Me: She probably wasn't trying to mean, Bijou.
Bijou: Showing me her blood was mean.

The conversation goes on. Actually, the conversations never stop. She talks like this ALL day. It has become background noise in the house. I've gotten so used to the non stop talking that when she's asleep, I feel like I need to turn on the TV or something just to get the noise level back to normal (I don't do that though, I really appreciate the quiet when I can get it).


  1. Adrienne,

    I have one of those too. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh because, like you said, it's hard to get a word in somewhere. The real challenge of what to do will be when she starts innocently sharing family/house business w/your family, friends...why stop there?...strangers.

  2. I love it! I might regret saying this but I'm looking forward to having those conversations once my son starts speaking English (currently he just babbles and expects me to understand).