Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Accidental "unschooling"

Well, I wouldn't say that what I'm doing in unschooling (mainly because I think unschoolers are WAY more involved than I feel like I have been for the past few days). I really just can't seem to get myself motivated to do any traditional schooling. It happens every time the weather gets warm. Since we moved here and have to readjust to seasons again, whenever the weather gets warm I just don't want to sit in the house and talk about ancient civilizations or memorize multiplication facts or write paragraphs or talk about adverbs. I want to hang out, take trips, feel the sun on top of my head. We've been doing just the bare bones of school lately. I've renewed my library books on ancient Greece three times because we have yet to finish the unit. I figure if the girls do some math, write pen pal letters (with correct spelling and grammar), read for a GAZILLION hours each day, take care of their plants, play some games, listen to books on CD, pretend and draw some pictures, then we've had a fairly productive day. I know we will get back into the regular routine....eventually.

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  1. Adrienne,

    I'm not an unschooler (at least not confessed), but I often believe that we're headed that way. I know what you mean about studying some subjects. We've been studying the New England states for about three months. We still have Maine to go, but I had to stop because the "library police" wanted their book back.

    Yes, the regular routine will come...I'm just not sure when. We still have time before our children are "completely damaged." In the meantime, enjoy "hanging out, taking trips, and feeling the sun on top of my head."