Friday, May 14, 2010

I found it where???

Today has been a CRAZY day. It started out like any other, until I remembered that I couldn't find my wallet (which I discovered yesterday while attempting to pay for some stuff). Unfortunately, I didn't remember this until 3:30pm while I was out dropping some things at Salvation Army. Now, I keep my entire life in my wallet (which I understand is not the best idea, but I like to know that I have things with me when need them). The bigger girls were performing in Sleeping Beauty with their ballet school and had casting call at 4:45. So I had to rush back home and tear up the house looking for luck. The last place I remembered using it was Walmart. So I rushed over luck. Check Goodwill just in luck. Maybe it fell out of my bag during dress rehearsal yesterday. Check the theater... no luck. So now I'm super frustrated (I hate losing things) and the kids need to get their makeup and hair done and I still have to mat the drawings that I volunteered to have for sale (I also hate rushing). Long story short, after a second time of tearing up the house (and the garage and the car), I was encouraged to check the trash (thank you mother), just in case. Lo and behold what do I find at the very bottom of the kitchen trash can? Yep, that's right. We can all thank my VERY helpful baby (who enjoys throwing trash and apparently wallets away) for making my afternoon a nightmare. Thank you, Zion.

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