Friday, February 5, 2010

Zion's first big girl shoes

Up until now I've been making all of Zion's shoes. I really don't think non-walkers need hard shoes and I just really like making baby shoes. Anything that tiny is incredibly cute to me. But, my baby is moving on to bigger and better things and will hopefully be taking her first wobbly steps soon. Actually they would be her second wobbly steps since she actually took her first three steps last week. She took three steps and decided that walking is not for her. She hasn't made an attempt since. Despite her lack of enthusiasm for walking, I decided I should probably get her some shoes anyway and I lucked up on a cute pair of t-strap sneakers on my latest trek through our local Goodwill. There must be something written in the stars for inexpensive shoes this week. This pair set me back a whopping $2.99. And once again, I had to fresh them up with a mama-made paint job. We are into robots around here lately, so Zion's go with her big sister's new sneakers. They will be very cute on her whenever she decides to walk. Hopefully they won't be too small by then...

That's right! $2.99!

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