Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorting with Bijou

Tuesday is supposed to be our day off from school so we can spend some quality time with Daddy, but Daddy is a night owl and still asleep. So we got some work done anyway. While the older girls were finishing up their definitions for their spelling/vocabulary flashcards, Bijou and I did some sorting. Both of her sorting activities temporarily made me forget that it is only 30 degrees outside. The first was sorting sea glass that we painstaking collected the last few weeks of living in the Virgin Islands.

I loved watching her hold each piece up to the sun so that she could see their individual colors.

The other activity was sorting buttons. I really just enjoy seeing objects sorted by color. Roy G. Biv was really my first love and it's been hard to shake him (don't tell my husband...)


  1. I can tell that the sea glass took a lot of concentration, the colors are very close. Look at her holding them up to the light. Great job.

    Tuesday is our day off too.

  2. I always adore your activities. I don't have that many buttons but we have tons of colored felt scraps. That has been helping us with sorting and learning colors. And this way the boy won't try to eat them either. We're a ways away for sea glass.

  3. Thanks. The sea glass is treasured around here. It's really our only concrete thing we have left from our life in the Caribbean (well the only thing that directly connects to the ocean). I'm glad we have use for them and I love the subtle change in colors. Oh and we got the buttons from Walmart ($2 a bag - the whole jar is two bags)

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