Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kiddo Photography

Every now and then I like to let one of the kids loose with the camera. I usually forget that I've done it and a few days later I get a pleasant surprise when I upload the pictures. This weekend, Ashni took some pictures while I built their dollhouse. Enjoy!

We were so happy to see 60+ degrees this weekend! Zion has on fuzzy footie PJ's under her overalls.
Bijou got a marker and a piece of scrap wood and made a very lovely drawing. It's currently on display in her room.
Ashni is holding the phone to Zion's ear with one hand and taking the picture with the other.

Not really sure what Jena is doing, but she seems to be enjoying herself (notice the footie pajamas on Zion)!

I'll throw in a little Bijou-ism here because I haven't done one in a while. Tonight at dinner, Ashni wasn't eating (she hasn't been feeling well):

Bijou: Ashni is like she's in China.

Me: What?

Bijou: She's like she's in China.

Me: What do you mean?

Bijou: If she's in China, she'll eat China food.

Apparently our breakfast for dinner should have been Chinese food and then Ashni would have eaten it.


  1. Kids tend to have such neat perspectives. It's fun to seewhat they'photograph when given the chance.

  2. The "runny nose" comment made me smile... I took a decent one of my daughter today (she has been ill for a few days) and then said to myself, "...Oops! Can't put that one up!"
    No one wanted to see that nose. :/
    ;) Stephanie

  3. I love the kids' photography (even the hundred pictures of the driveway). It always makes me smile. And all of our winter pictures have at least one runny nose...