Saturday, February 27, 2010

Button-down shirt recon

So I just got my own sewing machine back in December and so far it has been a love hate relationship. Well, mostly hate on the sewing machine's part - it despises me. It mocks me when I attempt to make anything, bunching the thread, tangling, just being a bully all around. I've tried turning the other cheek, killing it with kindness, but the darn thing is as stubborn as a mule! I'm not really sure what caused the change of heart last night, but my sewing machine actually cooperated with me and allowed me to make something. A complete something from start to finish all in one sitting! I'm very proud. So without further ado....
This is my button down adult shirt reconned to a little summer dress for Bijou. I bought this shirt from the Salvation Army for $1.50. It's a really gauzy, lightweight cotton with tiny brown pinstripes. I thought it would make a nice breezy summer dress.

This is my end result. It's not bad for a first attempt (especially considering my stubborn coworker). The straps could be longer, but all in all, it fits okay. I think the next time I do one, I will use a wider shirt (probably a man's shirt) so it will be more flowy.

(not sure what going on with my model's face....)


  1. I'm so loving this idea! I wish I had a girl child to make one for. Kudos to you!

  2. thanks ladies. Maybe now that my sewing machine and I have had this break through, we can make more projects together.

  3. That is a great idea. All the buttons and none of the headache.