Saturday, February 6, 2010

New project for spring

After seeing this post over at Ohdeedoh and popping over to sweetest littles to check it out further, I just couldn't get the idea of a lightweight, collapsible playhouse out of my mind. I've been planning to build a teepee with the girls, but this is SO much more awesome! So my plan for spring is to build a playhouse for the girls using PVC. Unlike their playhouse, ours will be built for outdoors. The fame will be PVC and the plan for the walls will be either second hand sheets or some other large inexpensive fabric. I plan to use vinyl shower curtains for the roofing (to at least give them time to pack up their stuff and head inside if it starts to rain) and probably tulle for window screens to keep the mosquito out. I like the idea of a fabric playhouse because it is portable (we rent our house and are planning to move in a couple of years) and washable. I found some indoor/outdoor carpet at Home Depot that resembles astro-turf and the girls loved it, so that will more than likely end up as the flooring. I will post pictures of our progress once construction is underway (but first I have to get artwork done for this exhibit in 3 weeks before I can think of anything else).

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  1. Great Idea! I am hoping to make a "clubhouse" with plants this year for the boys when it warms up.