Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yesterday's thrift store score

Yesterday we took a little trip to Tupelo for a big indoor flea market. It was fun. Who knew that so many people could have 15 dozen ShamWows and Snuggies to sell for $4 each? Ashni came out of the market one pair of purple striped toe socks richer! Before making the trek back to Oxford we decided to stop off at City Thrift. We pass City Thrift all the time going to the mall, but we hadn't stopped there before. It was definitely well worth the stop. My favorite find from yesterday's thrifting? This awesome Cardboard Carpentry book. It's a sweet little vintage (1966) how-to book full of projects that the kids can do by themselves. And yes, that yellow 45 sticker is the price - hours of childhood fun for a whopping $.45.

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