Saturday, January 16, 2010

Magnetic paper dolls

It was probably two years ago that I printed a million vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls for the girls. Shortly after that we moved and the paper dolls got packed away. Recently, I decided that I wanted to make some magnetic paper dolls for Bijou. I had grand plans of drawing some elaborate dresses and artsy dolls, but that meant that they wouldn't get done for another two years. Then last night I remembered the paper dolls that I printed and packed away. I dug out the binder that they were stored in and discovered a treasure trove that I'd completely forgotten. I had a million little Betsy McCall dolls and clothes, but I also had some larger paper dolls that were a better size for Bijou. They turned out pretty nice (once I figured out how to stick them to the super smooth magnet sheets that I had - I know that there are adhesive magnet sheets, but I already had these and I'm cheap). I will do the McCall dolls, but because they are much smaller and more delicate, I will make them for the older girls who may take better care of them.

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