Monday, January 25, 2010

Really big kid art

I came across this great post over at U N Journal and thought it was a great project. So having the artsy little tribe that I do, we made it our weekend project. Our space here isn't nearly as nice the one over there, so we used the garage (fortunately it has been pretty mild the last few days). The kids did a great job and it was a good lesson is limitations, patience, and purposeful actions. The older two worked on theirs yesterday, so theirs are already hanging in their rooms. Bijou just did hers this morning so I will post pictures of it hanging after it dries.

This is Bijou's. I enjoy painting with her because she is still young enough to not be attached to painting "something". There's a freedom to preschool painting because there is more focus on the act of painting rather than the act of making something recognizable. She was perfectly content to see how the colors interacted with one another on the paper. Her biggest concern, though, was making sure she used every last drop of paint in the container. I think she succeeded.

I gave the bigger girls two more constraints. 1.) They had to leave some white paper showing, but it had to be a very small amount. 2.) They could only use the broadest side of the brush (they had two large and one small), no skinny edging. Ashni said that hers was a house with a weather vane on top and a large black snowman.

The older girls' paintings are about 5 feet tall and 2, maybe 2 and a half, feet wide. Bijou's is about 3' x 3'.


  1. these are awesome! i think you're going to wish you'd had them paint on canvases!

    i had my boys help me paint a big red canvas for our living room - they loved it.
    yay for kids and art!

  2. i would have liked to have them paint on canvas, but we only had small canvas in the house. I have all of this huge 5' x 5' paper that I use for my art, so i just cut a sheet of that in half for the big girls. Next time, we will definitely invest in canvas.