Friday, January 8, 2010

First snow of the winter

So far, the children have seen a maximum of 1 inch of real snow in their lifetimes. That inch fell yesterday. The girls were very excited to go out and play in it. It snowed last winter but all of it melted before the day was over. This year the snow stuck. Granted, it IS only 12 degrees outside right now (in Mississippi, mind you), but the snow made it through the night. I personally, would rather be back on the beach...

I crocheted this hat for Ashni from some alpaca yarn that I got from a friend. I decided to see if it would felt and it felted very nicely. Now, it's Bijou's hat. Fortunately it was not Ashni's only hat.

I had to remind Bijou not to eat the snow - especially the snow that was brown with bits of leaves in it...

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