Thursday, January 14, 2010

A glimpse of our last school year

As we embark on a new year of homeschooling, I though I would take a look back over the 2009 school year and share some pictures of past activities/lessons. Enjoy!

Some big measurements with a small ruler. She was measuring a baseball field!

Painting watercolor landscapes that were folded into Chinese paper fans.

While we were discussing prehistoric man, we did a fun lesson about archaeology/archaeologists. A friend, who is an archaeologist came and talked to the kids and we had a mock dig. I painted some cheap clay pots in different pattens, then broke them and buried them. The kids dug them up and tried to piece them back together. Then they classified them by shape, size and design. This is Ashni reassembling a pot.

Jena's pot is almost complete. Notice the fancy digging tool there to her left.
The kids digging for pieces.

Being shown some real artifacts.

Science experiments in the park.

Making bean mosaics

We made bread a LOT last year. The girls also had school in costume a LOT. Here's a picture of bread making in costume (and in underwear). They also made butter, which is in the salsa jar.

We talked about Egypt twice last year. Once for geography and then again for history. We did lots of Egypt inspired projects. Here, we were mummifying apples. It served as both history and science. Jena's record of her findings.
Ashni recording her findings.

Our "mummies" after five days. We left them for seven days, but checked their progress on the third, fifth and seventh day.
I guess I'm posting these pictures backwards. Oops! This is the day we started the apple mummies. They learned about the natron, the salt solution that Egyptians used to mummify the dead. Our natron is a mixture of salt and baking soda.

Ancient Greek artifacts and a great museum tour led by museum educator (and auntie/cousin) Chandra.

Picking blueberries - we had blueberries for DAYS.

Jena and Ashni's presentation about Egypt for geography. I'm not sure what Ashni is doing. We made paper pharaohs, sugar cube pyramids and wrote their names in hieroglyphics. I wanted to make papyrus, but we didn't have the supplies on hand.
This was Ashni's birthday party, but all of their homeschool friends were there. We made tie dyed t-shirts. The kids loved that. I still see some of those shirts on kids when we all get together.
We all went on a field trip to the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis. This is the Lichterman Nature Center where we had lunch, went on a hike, got to touch some snakes and lizards and looked at some lake wildlife. We also gathered huge lily pads and made them into hats!

Most of the kids looking for fish in the lake. There are more kids than this in our group, but the rest were on a bathroom run.

Geography presentation about Senegal. We made paper "batiks" discussed food, clothing and traditions of west Africa. We also did a presentation about the Ndebele tribe in South Africa, but sadly, there are no pictures from that one.
So that is a little snapshot of the 2009 school year. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2010 has to offer.

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