Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zion's Sushi Party

Ahhhh, another birthday party done.  Zion's sushi party was fun for everyone.  I think this has been my favorite theme to date, but I am glad that it's over.  Now for the pictures...

There were a ton of paper lanterns made for this party.  I was being super cheap and refused to pay $5 a piece for paper lanterns at the party supply store.  Fortunately, at the last minute, our friends at the public library offered to let us borrow these striped ones.

The older girls made cherry blossoms and attached them to a branch from our year for the centerpiece on the table.

The highlight of the party was definitely the sushi cupcakes.    They were indeed a labor of love.

I made a few little kokeshi dolls from the little wooden people you buy at the craft store.  The larger kokeshi doll is one I have had for a few years.

The snack line up for this party included fortune cookies, Pocky, shrimp flavored chips, sushi cupcakes and actual sushi (thanks to my wonderful husband)

Goodie bags were handed out with not a single piece of candy within.  You are welcome, parents.

Closeup of Zion's sushi sign.  I'm sure this will end up in her play kitchen.

Happy Birthday, Zion.  We had a great time, but I'm glad it's over for another....well...month.  Ashni has requested a Janelle Monae party for her last big party.  We'll see how that turns out.


  1. Adrienne - I love ALL OF THIS!!! LOL, this is so cute, and creative. I especially love the sushi cupcakes. How genius. Can't wait to see Ashni's Janelle Monae party - I'm guessing lots of black and white, and a 50's style :) Sounds like fun!