Saturday, February 23, 2013

What My Kid Wearing Today

Twice a year, there is a kids consignment sale in our town.  Generally, I do not go because the prices tend to be outrageous.  This year, a friend invited me to go with her, so that is what we did this morning.  It was crowded and there were lots of overpriced things, but I did manage to find a few things for Bijou for spring and summer.  I bought seven or eight things and spent $30.  That is a splurge for me.  I am sure that they will be featured here at some point.  Anywho, this is what Zion wore today while we were out.

I found these sweet little white suede oxfords yesterday - FootMates ($1.99 at Goodwill)
grey leggings - Garanimals ($.99 at Goodwill)
denim skirt - Justice ($1.49 at Goodwill)
Grey striped Whiz Kid t-shirt - WonderKids ($.99 at Goodwill)
Striped button down - Children's Place ($1.49 at Goodwill)
Grey linen blazer - Gap ($3.99 at Goodwill)
(and her socks are hot pink even though you can't tell in the picture)

total outfit - approx. $11


  1. Cute, but I'm not sure about that last

  2. If I take 100 pictures of her, 80 of them are going to look like that last one and 15 are going to be a big blur. I am lucky to get 5 out of 100, lol.