Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Better late than never...

The Brown-David clan has been away for a couple of weeks.  The girls got to spend a couple of weeks in St. Louis with my mother and the hubs and I finally got a honeymoon (sort of).  We spent 10 days (child free, mind you) on the East Coast visiting friends and family.  We divided our time between Washington DC, New Jersey and New York.  We had a great time and ate more delicious food than I thought humanly possible!

There was a great video game exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in DC.  Couldn't pass up a chance to play giant PacMan.

I have been hearing about Ethiopian food for the last two visits to DC.  We finally got to go for Ethiopian.  Look how happy he looks.

The "Little Old Lady" suite at the B&B where we stayed in New Jersey.  It was close to the beach AND provided bikes for the guests.

Apparently in Bradley Beach, you need badges to actually get onto the beach.  These came with the room, of course.

Don't I look like I'm enjoying the bike ride?  I really did!  The weather was pleasant, the ride was easy and there was not a hill in sight.

My only good picture of the Verrazano Bridge.  It's difficult to take pictures from a moving vehicle.

This is his excited face.  We spent the afternoon at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn.  There was great food and music.

Notice the beer and donuts (in the box) in the background.  It was that kind of day!

Awesome street art!  Notice the box of donuts still being carted around.  Those donuts saw all of Brooklyn that day.

Our first trip on a NYC subway. There's a much better picture than this somewhere...

I got the COLDEST popsicle known to man in Central Park.  The vendor had them in dry ice and the condensation was refreezing on the popsicle.  It was literally getting BIGGER as I ate it (and my lips kept sticking to it)

Cooling off (or trying to cool off, anyway) in a little pavilion in Central Park.

A trip to Chinatown always means ducks (and chickens and a variety of other animals) hanging in the windows.

It also means really tasty, cheap food.  We had giant, steamy bowls of noodles and balls of various origins.  These particular ones were fish.  I had shrimp balls in mine (which looked almost exactly like this, only pinkish).

I saw this sign while were in Manhattan and I thought it was humorous.  Hopefully my Keen sneakers were acceptable.

 I love Urban Outfitters and that's really all the I can say about this picture...

The kids also had great time in St. Louis, but because I had the camera, there are no pictures to share.  I'm sure my mom will have to sleep for the next two weeks to recuperate from spending two weeks with my four little girls.  They can be handful.  Now, to get back into our regularly scheduled routine.


  1. Looks like you had a ball! Great pics. You vacation like us, slow and easy and lots of relaxing. Welcome home!

  2. Wow....10 child free days. That sounds amazing! I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. The pictures tell the story of your trip.

  3. What fun! Was the shoe sign off the Highline? One of my favorite places in New York, hehe.