Thursday, November 19, 2009

More sick - More sad

Our house is FULL of sick children. Zion is STILL fighting her double ear infection and RSV. She has been such a sweet congested little pea this entire week, but last night she could not sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. So, around 3:30am, I got up with her and walked her around the house. Eventually, I just tied on my Moby and wore her for the rest of the night. Once the sun came up and I knew the office was open, we made a quick run to the pediatrician who informed us that the last antibiotic was not working and prescribed us a new antibiotic (which unfortunately meant that I had to take my 5th trip to Walmart this week). I also picked up some Hyland's ear drops, which worked like a charm. She has been sleeping soundly all day to make up for not sleeping at all last night. I'm very happy that she is getting some sleep, but all of this sleeping means very little nursing, which had made for a slightly engorged mommy.

Just to add a little excitement to my life, Bijou has also been "barking" all day long. I have never heard anyone cough this much. Fortunately she doesn't have a fever, but her throat and head hurt (from all of the coughing). She's been in pretty high spirits all day, but the coughing is affecting how much she talks (not such a bad thing). She was taking Benadryl for the Danny Glover thing yesterday and the bottle says for coughing and congestion too, but I think she's coughing MORE taking the Benadryl. She had a slight cough yesterday, but nothing like this.

SO due to all of the germs floating around the house, I decided to whip up a batch of my tried and true honey-garlic-lemon cough medicine for the kids. It smells horrific, but it works like a charm. A couple of big spoonfuls washed down with a glass of orange juice usually does the trick. Now I don't know if it actually kills the germs or if it's just so nasty that the kids fake being well just to keep from having to take anymore. Either way, there tends to be less coughing going on in the house. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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