Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good morning Baptist Memorial Hospital...

Well, this morning I made my second trip to the ER in the last 4 days (which is why I am free to be on the computer as opposed to schooling the older children). The first trip was on Sunday with Zion who, by the way, is feeling much better (still a little wheezy but MUCH better). This morning's trip was with Bijou who came in our room with a face like she'd been in a bout with Mike Tyson. Her entire face was swollen so much that her speech was slurred and her eyes were little slits. Needless to say, that prompted an immediate trip to the ER. Despite the HUGE-ness of her face, she was the same old Bijou. Once my immediate freak out subsided (which happened after running out of the house with Bijou in her pajamas and Napoleon Dynamite boots and me without a bra and my shoes on the wrong feet - didn't notice until I'd checked her in at the ER), I realized that she probably just got a bite during the night and had a bad reaction. While we waited for the doctor, I gave her a once over and found several red, swollen spots on her legs, feet, hands and stomach. Whatever bit her, liked her and kept biting her. Two doses of Benadryl later, only slightly puffy eyes remain and we can all laugh about the madness of the morning. I've decided that my sweet little Bijou, when bitten during the night, wakes up as Danny Glover. Sorry, Danny.

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