Monday, November 16, 2009

Kids and cameras

I'd forgotten that I let Ashni take pictures with my camera this past weekend as she and her sisters walked around the neighborhood. Children have an uncanny ability to take incredibly focused and candid photographs of their surroundings. They can capture the true nature of their subjects in a way that I could only hope to. They can also take pictures of some of the most ridiculous things. I have my fair share of butt photos, cracked concrete photos, blurry grass photos, but I guess those too have their charm. I usually keep them all, maybe hoping that when they are 15 or 18 or 25 that they will get a kick out of their early photography. Here are some of this more entertaining photos from the weekends photo shoot...

Is she doing what I think she's doing? EWW...
The stroller handle?

There were an abnormal number butt pictures. i enjoy Bijou's Napoleon Dynamite-esque boots-pants combo that she has going on here. You take what you get when you let them dress themselves. She loves these boots.

The driveway...or the road....or the neighbor's driveway....not sure.

and some that melt my heart...

Jena, the other mother. She's VERY sweet and patient with the little ones. Now she and Ashni, that's another matter entirely.

The future IS now! The most awesome shirt in Bijou's current wardrobe.

Ashni and Bijou played very well on this day. It was refreshing. I dread the upcoming winter and everyone being closed in the house all day. I think we will be taking lots of trips to Memphis and Tupelo for activities outside the house.

Bijou was trying to calm Zion who'd had enough of the playpen in the driveway. Excuse the snotty baby nose. This, I assume, was the beginning of her RSV and ear infection she is fighting right now.

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