Thursday, May 2, 2013

Use what you have.

I am a firm believer in reusing the things that I already have around the house to create the things that we need.  Today, we needed some little girl closet organization.  All of my girls are responsible for putting their own laundry away.  Zion is old enough to put her away, but she's not quite tall enough to reach the bar. Even with the stool, she was just barely tall enough to reach the bottom of the hangers.  She needed a lower bar to hang her clothes.  Because we rent our house, I can't just go around drilling holes into the wall.  So, after wandering from room to room this afternoon trying to come up with a solution, I remembered this discarded piece of furniture in the garage...

I found this on the side of the road ages ago and it used to house bins of toys in the little girls' room, but it didn't work out so well.  It has been living in our garage ever since.  I was going to sell this in my fantasy yard sale that I am planning only in my mind, but it was perfect for Zion's new closet organization!  I removed the sets of bars in the center leaving on the three at the top and three at the bottom (so that it would remain stable) and voila!  Zion can easily hang her shirts when it is time to put her laundry away.  Bijou is tall enough, so her shirts are on top.

We still keep their bottoms on the top shelf.  They would carpet their room in clothes if they had access to all of them.  


  1. I used to always look for solutions for renters and then I just started really living in our house. We basically lost our deposit after a few carpet stains and sharpie'd walls anyway! Now we drill holes all up in our walls. Whenever we move out, we'll patch them up out of courtesy.

  2. Good use of that piece of furniture. Hope it helps with the room organization.