Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bringing home the gold...

Ashni has been fencing now for a full year and she is really excelling in the sport.  Her coaches are very impressed with her progress this year.  You may remember last year around this time, she won a bronze medal at her very first tournament.  She has since competed in several tournaments and has qualified for youth summer nationals.  Today, she fenced in a local tournament and swept her division.  She won every single bout (except for one of the preliminary ones that determined their bracket) and won her very first gold medal.  We're pretty proud of this kid.


  1. So exciting! My 8yo was supposed to compete in his first taekwondo tournament this weekend, but LONG story short, he didn't. Maybe next year. - go Ashni! And holy cow, don't tell my francophile ballerina about going to france, she will probably die of envy.

  2. Jena is SOOOO excited. I still can't believe that she's going.