Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peter Pan Birthday Party

Tomorrow is Ashni's ninth birthday.  Yep, she nine.  This year she decided to have a Peter Pan themed birthday party.  She's read Peter Pan and is now reading the Peter and the Starcatchers series (which she LOVES), so she is really into Peter Pan right now.  I have to say that planning and executing these parties was much easier when I was at home.   Working full time, homeschooling and party planning do not mix.  I think I crammed three weeks of party prep into my Saturday.  I was up until 4am, but everything got done.  Now, I am exhausted, the presents have been opened and the kids have been sent home with their parents hopped up on sugar and covered in glitter.  I figured, while my kids are busy with other things, I'd share the pictures from today.

The Peter Pan theme was pretty easy.  I just needed to include pirates, Indians and fairies.  No problem, right?  Here was out pirate gear - mustaches and eye patches

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and shaved coconut.

The spread, complete with pirate ship mini cupcakes, bottles of fairy dust, teepees, fairy houses and pirate treasure.

The bottles of fairy dust where just cheapy bottle of bubbles emptied of their contents, spray painted gold and filled with superfine glitter.  I hate glitter, by the way.  Have i ever mentioned that before?  Notice the mini fairy cakes (idea found on pinterest).

The kids made fairy houses.  They are decorated with things from the back yard and fake flowers from the dollar store.

Pirate treasure, fairy cake and a captured Tinkerbell.  The captured Tink was Ashni's idea.

Shadow cut outs of Peter, Tink, Wendy and Captain Hook.


Jena sporting a mustache and eye patch.  This is, by far, the funniest think that I saw all day.

I mentioned that I hate glitter, so the fact that I actually provided glitter to about fifteen kids is completely insane.  In my mind, they would take their fairy dust home and maybe spread a little magic here and there.  What actually happened could be compared to, say, American Gladiators Glitter Edition.  It was full on glitter war in the backyard.  This is a small snippet of the carnage,  The sparkle, oh, the sparkle.  I am pretty sure that I will NEVER get all of the glitter out of my children's hair.  Ever.

And the aftermath.  I kind of like the after shot.  This proves that kids had fun, food was eaten and fairy dust was, indeed, used to its fullest potential.  I would also like to thank updated Picassa for dragging me into the 21st century by taking me back to the 60s with these instagram style photos.

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  1. Another great one Adrienne!!! Now rest until December.