Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zion is turning 3!!

It's that time again.  Another birthday has rolled around in the house.  This time three years ago, I was battling a nasty stomach bug and preparing for a 6am c-section.  Those are two events that one does NOT want overlapping.  Fortunately, I made it through.  Tomorrow, Zion Sage turns three years old.  It's been a fun three years.  She's as quirky as she's ever been. 
-she loves to dance with her hand on her hip (thanks Bijou)
-she can color like a pro
-she's pretty adept on a scooter and a two wheeler (with training wheels, of course)
-she loves animals but has a fear that all dogs will, indeed, lick her. 
-she puts all of her clothes on backwards and shoes on the wrong feet (not always, but often enough for me to mention it)
-she eats like a man, but prefers beans and rice to anything else
She's fun little monkey to live with.  I look forward to her little voice each morning.  I decided to celebrate her birthday a day early because I will be at work tomorrow during the day and Taariq will have to work tomorrow night.  I figured I would let her spend the day with me at school today, then take her for ice cream and to play at the book store.  Tomorrow she gets to spend the day with daddy and her older sisters and then we'll make a special dinner when I get home.  Happy Birthday, little monkey.  I'm looking forward to the next year.

Birthday cone!  This year she chose strawberry.  She ate a few bites and then it hit the floor.  Fortunately the owner of the shop is very sweet and replaced it for her.

I love the little elf ear under the crown.  You may (or may not) recognize the crown from Bijou's third birthday.

Replacement ice cream in a cup this time.  We used the cone as a topper.

This is the sweetest picture of Zion and Ashni.  They are so silly together.  This is what they look all the time.

All my girls.

Last but not least, a comparison between last year's birthday ice cream trip and this years birthday ice cream trip.



And I swear I did not have them sit in the same positions.  I think that automatically sit in order of age.


  1. Happy Birthday Zion!!! OMG - all of your girls are smart and beautiful - you and Taariq are truly blessed.

    SN: WHY am I looking at the picture of Zion AMAZED by her brows - they are perfectly manicured. Anywho - hope she had a wonderful bday!

  2. Thanks Monique. And only you would notice Zion's eyebrows, LOL!!

  3. Happy Birthday Zion! Your girls are amazing! :)

  4. Sounds like a great celebration! I enjoy stopping by your blog from time to time. Keep it up!

  5. Happy third birthday to her!