Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'd been planning a weekend trip to St. Louis for several weeks.   I wanted it to be a surprise for the girls AND for my mom who'd we be going to visit.  I had to sneak and pack clothes after the kids went to bed (they wondered why they couldn't find clothes even though we'd just done laundry), but it was totally worth it.  I woke them up at 5am on Friday and said "Surprise!  We're going to St. Louis for the weekend!"  Jena was the only one who got it right away.  It took the other three several minutes to comprehend anything through their cloud of sleep.  It was like those commercials where the parents tell their kids that they are going to Disney Land (except that I actually WANTED to go to St. Louis and the thought of it didn't make me physically ill.  No offense Disney lovers).  We showed up on my mom's doorstep late Friday morning and she could not have been more surprised.  I've never surprised my mom with anything (except for maybe my preganancy with Zion, but who am I kidding, EVERYONE was surprised by that one).  We had a great weekend.  I always enjoy spending time with my family.

Jena was totally into this tower of Hanoi.  Unfortunately, she needs some stillness to figure things out and her sisters are NOT into stillness.  I guess I will have to make her a mini version to work out here at home.

Triceratops for Bijou.  It took a lot of coercing to get Zion up on that dinosaur.  That being said, there was a sign that said "for your own safety, do NOT climb the dinosaurs".  But I figure if it is out of concern for my safety, then I'll decide if they can climb.  Climb they did.  Shhh, don't tell the authorities.

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  1. What a LOVVELY surprise!!! And OMG - I thought I was the ONLY ONE who hated Disney world! LOL, my mom literally was trembling at the thought of Naja never going - I told her, she can make that her special grandparent-grandchild trip. Love the pics - the girls look so happy!!!