Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A quick update...

Okay, so my computer is in need of a new motherboard and thanks to a techie friend, I can get it up and running for a fraction of what the computer place was going to charge me. Now I just need to order a new motherboard. So tonight I am borrowing my cousins laptop to do a little update.
I mentioned before that the girls and I made puppets from gourds. Everyone was a bit snippy that day and I felt like a little project would soothe the savage beasts. I really made this up as we went along, but they turned out pretty good. The large part of the gourd is the puppets head and we hot glued fabric to the smaller part to make the body.

Also, I haven't had the confidence to tackle the fabric playhouse I'd planned to make for the big girls, so I made them a tepee (or tipi or teepee, maybe?). Some one hacked down a TON of bamboo and left it at the curb (and everyone knows that I am a sucker for usable goods left at the curb) so of course I loaded up the back of my mini van. I used the sheets that I bought back in the winter for the fabric playhouse and let the kids go to town decorating it with sharpies. The tepee was really simple to put together and I love looking out of my kitchen window and seeing in the far corner of the backyard. Bijou, Zion and I sat out in it this morning with Popsicles and library books (generally not a good combo, but no books were harmed). It was great until a HUGE daddy long legs ran Bijou off. Eh well...

On a side note, I got some comments from a couple of new people and I wanted to say thanks for stopping by. I always love comments, but typing responses on the Wii....ugh!


  1. Those gourds are so cute!! Seriously! Where did you get that idea from? And I bet making the fabric playhouse was an adventure in and of itself.

  2. I bought those gourds for no real reason. I figured I would do domething with them, but that was like a year ago. The day we made those, everyone was driving me nuts so I just made up the gourd puppets on the spot.