Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Farmers

I finally got around to making boxes for the kids to put their plant in. I've had scrap wood laying around the garage forever, so I just took it to Home Depot and got the pieces cut down evenly. A few weeks ago I came across a very cool little project to make garden markers from old spoons. Of course I can't remember what blog it was from, but they had great letters to stamp into the metal. i don't have those, but I do have a sort of metal punching tool. I bought some old spoons (and a couple of butter knives) at a garage sale on Saturday for a quarter. I wrote the names of the plants on each spoon and used the punch to go over the letters (making a dotted line of sorts). So now the girls have their very own little plot of land to take care of. Jena feels like the plants are her babies, so if no one else takes care of them, Jena will.

This picture is really just to show off Ashni's fabulous outfit. She has her own style!

Parsley, basil and rosemary.

Zion is in charge of picking all of the flowers from the plants when no one is looking.


  1. I love your markers! Very cool idea! Your gardeners look like they're having a great time. :) Yay for summer.

  2. you could teach that at craft circle... i'm just sayin'

  3. LOVE those garden markers!!! Oh my, and your sweet little girl reminds me of mine...I haven't been able to tell her what to wear since she was about 2...she is her own unique person, and insists that plaid, polkadots and flowers really DO go together!!!!