Saturday, April 28, 2012

En Garde

Ashni started fencing about a month ago and it turns out that she's really good!  She participated in her first fencing tournament today and came in third!  She swept her preliminary bouts (5 wins - 0 losses), but was knocked out of her elimination bout by a girl from out of town.  She's very proud of herself and her bronze medal!  Way to go Ashni.

And now, a little funny before the pictures.

While sitting at the tournament, Zion sits in my lap.
Zion:  Mommy, see that man over there by the steps in the black?
Me: Yeah.
Zion:  He's God.
Me: Um, okay.  What makes you think he's God?
Zion:  Because he keeps saying it. "I'm God.  Fence!"

Apparently en garde sounds like I'm God when you are three years old.  And without further ado, the pictures.

She's in the blue and white striped socks, by the way.

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Ashni!!!! Tell her I said congrats!

    As for Zion's comment - buhahaha - I tell you can't think this stuff up. I love it!