Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Recap

I know it's been 2012 for almost a full week now and I am late with the whole "year in review" post, but I am nothing if not an avid procrastinator. So it brings me great pleasure to bring you (a week late) my favorite moments from 2011.

The first real snow that the kids ever experienced.  It was the greatest thing they'd ever seen.  I spent more time in snow that day than I have in YEARS.

Zion's trip to the ice cream/candy shop.  I just think this is the sweetest picture of all of my ladies.

The little girls' room makeover.  Granted, it has been revamped since this picture, but I still think they're room is pretty awesome (when it's clean)

Our little garden, which looks much nicer in this picture than our actual harvest looked.  We did not get much, but the kids did their best.  We'll try again in the spring.

Jena's final birthday party.  I can hardly believe that she is 10.  There was a grand rainbow-y time had by all.

Ashni's introduction to the decanomial.

Our bed/bookcase.  Still one of my favorite things that I made this year.

There's no particular order to these pictures, and we did a lot more fun stuff this year, but of course we were without computer access.  Anyway, we're looking forward to the upcoming year.  Jena is moving on the 5th grade (her last elementary year!) and Ashni is moving to 4th.  Bijou has requested that she start 1st grade this month.  She's learned to read, add and subtract, so I don't see why not.  I don't know what this year brings for me, but I'm excited to find out.


  1. OK I must know what curriculum you use with your girls. Gabe can also read, add, and subtract, amongst other things. Maybe it's time for first grade here, too.

  2. WOO HOO! Blogger is letting me comment for once! We have a pretty eclectic curriculum here. We were using Calvert WAY back in the day and I still have some of the books (not workbooks of course). But for the most part, grade levels for my kids are just so they have something to say when people ask what grade they're in. The work that they do can span two or three different grade levels over the course of our school year.

  3. We are eclectic all the way around here. I haven't told Gabe anything about grade levels since he's not even eligible for Kindergarten around here yet. :-P