Sunday, March 6, 2011

What the fock??

I've mentioned before that Zion has her own little language. Generally, she is full of very sweet little speech impediments and mispronunciations. But sometime I really need her to get some words right. Case in point, she has a REALLY hard time pronouncing the word frog. Not a big deal, right? I mean, how often does a two year old really need to use the word frog in a sentence? Honestly, not often. The problem, you might ask? Well...she says "fock"(Yes, I know we all loved Ben Stiller's quirky name in the movie). Compounded with the fock problem is the random addition of "a" at the end of words (i.e. "me lika juice." or "I'ma back." I think Super Mario had a huge influence on her vocabulary, but I digress). Where is all of this going? I guess I'm pretty used to all the fock talk around here (apparently EVERY picture book has a frog in it somewhere. Who knew?). Well, a couple of days ago, Zion was crouching on the dining room table (naked, but that little issue is a post for another day), and my mother called her a little frog baby - because of the position she was in. Zion thought this was hilarious and figured she would say back (loud and proud) to her grandmother, " ME FOCKA BABY!!" Yep. That's what she said.

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  1. Too funny! Your post title had me bust out laughing!