Monday, July 26, 2010

Where in the world... or The great DC blackout of 2010

The day was going along just fine. We were preparing for our Sunday cookout - pasta salad was being made, apple pie in the works, charcoal going in the grill. The sky was blue , the sun was shining and the kids were entertaining themselves. Then the sky started to look a little gray. "I think it's going to rain, but that will cool things off, so that's good." Withing moments the sky went from gray to black. The wind kicked up and sheets of rain moving horizontally blinded us all. For ten minutes the weather was pure chaos! Thunder, lightning, hail in some areas. With a particularly loud clap of thunder and frighteningly close bolt of lightning the power was knocked out. "It will be back soon. I mean, it flashed for a minute earlier." Um, yeah, we were wrong about that one. After ten minutes the storm was over, but the power was AWOL! For 12 hours we had no lights, no fridge, no stove, no air conditioner, no fans. Has anyone been checking the weather on the east coast lately? Yeah, it's HOT!

The cookout went as planned (without apple pie or cheddar biscuits though, because the power died before I could get them in the oven). We ate, drank and were merry, but soon the guests went to their homes that had lights and air conditioning. So, we played board games, painted our finger nails and toenails, laughed and drank warm soda, all by candle light. We had a blast. It was HOT, but we made the best of it. The power came back in the wee hours of the morning. I was awakened by lights, fans, humming of appliances. It was a welcomed sight. After going through the house turning everything off (including the oven and garbage disposal), I could sleep comfortably beneath the much appreciated and fully powered fan. This morning as I use the internet, listen to the radio in the next room, and absorb the white noise of the air conditioner, the black out becomes just a fun vacation story to talk about later. I'm sure there will be many more over the next couple of weeks of travel.

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