Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snowmen and Snowflakes

The drop in temperature says it's time to switch out our seasonal crafts. It is time to put away our fall leaf "stained glass" and put up some winter inspired decor. Although, generally I despise Disney and all that Disney produces, I love (shh, don't tell anyone). There are always project ideas there that the girls enjoy.

Today we made the corn starch clay that I found here http://http// and the girls put together some incredibly creative snowmen. Their snow man building is extra impressive seeing as they have never seen more than a half inch of real snow in their lives. They really had fun. Unfortunately, the longer their snowmen sit, the more they "melt" into schlumpy snowmen. I'm not sure if I mixed my ingredients wrong or what, but I guess that makes them extra realistic!

Bijou's has the big rock star sunglasses on. She did really well putting most of this together herself. I cut the scarf for her though.

Jena's and his fancy black eyed pea belt.

Ashni's looks like a rapper to me. HA, he's all "blinged" out!

We also made sparkly silver snowflake window clings, also found here We won't know until tomorrow how they turned out, but I think the excitement is killing the girls. I'm sure they will be up bright and early ready to peel them from the paper. Hopefully, they don't get to them before I wake up or they may have disjointed snowflakes.

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